apple pie cheesecake bars

So, some of you may notice…this isn’t really a new post. By that I mean, I didn’t make these. I mean, I did make them, just not today. Or this month. Or this calendar year.

Yeah, I decided that my egregiously lengthy hiatuses between updates needed to be broken up somehow, but I’ve not had the time to actually sit down and bake something. So, a great big apology, dear readers, but at least you can have some pretty photos in the mean time. Why am I reposting these, specifically? Well, easy:

  1. It’s almost autumn, and
  2. They are literally one of the most delicious things on the planet, and you are not really living until you’ve had one.

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all-american apple tart

…Okay, so it’s not exactly the well-loved pie, but I find it pretty incongruous to bake an apple pie outside of autumn, with red deliciouses and galas straight off the trees. Maybe it’s because the nearby orchards have spoiled me for good, but it just doesn’t feel quite right.

Still, looking at the gorgeously patriotic little freedom cookies I had whipped up for last night’s Independence Day feast, I wanted something else a bit, ahem, classier to showcase for dessert.

(And maybe an excuse to eat tons of vanilla ice cream, but who’s keeping tabs anyway.)

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