cinnamon raisin pumpkin bread with honeyed walnut cream cheese (GF)

As if I thought the year could not get any weirder, the month of March has proven me wrong.

I’m currently sitting on my couch with a glass of kombucha I’ve been working my way through for the past 3 hours, glancing out the window every few minutes at the steady fall of snow gently coating car roofs and asphalt. I have about twenty minutes before I leave to go teach, twenty minutes in which I hope to finish this tea and find a clean sweatshirt dug out of the bottom of my closet.


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gluten-free bruschetta

I don’t understand how anyone – least of all a uni student living on her own in a bubble of social narcissism – can be expected to remember such occurrences asĀ Daylight Savings.

Just, what? No.

So of course I woke up at close to 11am after having set an alarm for 9:30, and am still recovering from the disorientation of having had an entire hour taken away from me. It’s a good mental justification for not being able to wanting to get work done. Like, that hour could have been spent writing one of the fourteen hundred papers I have due in a week, but, alas, no longer.

Guess I don’t have time for anything save for lying on the couch and writing this entry.


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