mini musical cheesecake tarts

The first time I baked a birthday present for O, it was a pan of brownie-bottom pumpkin-swirled cheesecake bars. A pretty delicious dessert, perfectly in-season for the last weeks of autumn when winter was slowly beginning to sink into the cobblestone streets downtown. I very much enjoyed them, as I am wont to do whenever cream cheese is involved, and I figured she might as well.

Lucky for me, she adored them. The following year, I baked her another batch. Why mess with a good thing, after all?

So when she first asked me to bake for her recital a few weeks ago, she casually remarked that I could “maybe bake those pumpkin cheesecake bites you made for my birthday.” 

…There was a hint if I’d ever heard one.


Well, these weren’t quite those pumpkin bars, but I think they did the job well enough.

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