cardamom white chocolate biscotti (gluten free)


As a twenty-something young professional, it should come as no surprise that approximately 50% of my internet time is spent on Buzzfeed. Lately it’s a result of inane personality quizzes, which Roods and I have co-opted into this odd ritual of soul-searching every few nights when it’s past dinnertime but minds are still too restless for bed. Take a quiz, evaluate the response, decide to what extent our entire existence can be penned down to words and sentences.

(Frighteningly often, apparently.)

I Buzzfeed for the articles, too. Most recently a story about a young man from Notre Dame who tore through the walls of a spa in order to eat every hot-pocket in their kitchen. Which he also heated up using the kitchen oven, if I’m not mistaken. (Truly, I admired his dedication.)

But Buzzfeed is nice in that totally-stupid-waste-of-life sort of way. Like, I’m pretty disturbed that I could be spending my excessive internet time taking a walk or writing a novel or something. But I also work with current event analysis on a daily basis, and it’s a nice escape from wars and climate change and human rights abuses.

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life of {pecan} pi

The stage is set: a 9-foot-long island covered in plates of heaping mashed potatoes and buttery green beans, pies scattered between a tray of not-so-canned yams and jars of homemade cranberry sauce, apple cider spiced fresh off the stove, all surrounding an enormous plate housing a beautifully golden-brown turkey, after having spent the past 5 hours roasting in the oven and permeating the house with smells of autumn nights and Claude Debussy.

And then, of course, family arrives, and the display goes from something straight out of a Taste of Home magazine to a raucous event of Modern Family proportions.

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