ricotta pancakes

Sometimes I feel way older than my twenty years. You’d think it was because I’m spending the summer at the apartment on my own, having now set up a system to go grocery shopping every 4 days, vacuuming once a week, planning home cooked meals around when I get home from work/interning, and generally having to be a functioning, self-sufficient person.

But you know, I figure, it’s about time I was left utterly and solitarily to my own devices, considering last year of college is looming and soon I’ll be unpreparedly thrown into the world of actual adulthood. Not that some days aren’t lonely, mind you, but that’s what friends-taking-summer-courses-on-grounds are for. So, actually, it’s been absolutely wonderful. I’m gone most of the day as it is (‘professional obligations’ and all that), so I revel in the time I have to myself here.

…Really, I’m just glad I finally have some time to read a damn book.

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