day three: markets, monographs, & miso (GF)

Now that the fridge has been aggressively scrubbed down, I’ve turned my attention to the storage closet-pantry. It’s primarily cluttered with stacks of shoe boxes (unsurprising), but a good deal of canned and dried foods have accumulated there over the years. Thus far, I have taken stock of about 15 cans of beans that need to be eaten sometime in the next three weeks. That’ll be fun.

I also randomly stumbled upon 4 boxes of half-used pancake mixes, which to me is rather suspect because: a) I haven’t used real pancake mix in about 2 years, and b) I certainly do not remember eating all that many pancakes before then. For the moment, I’ve stacked them up on my dining table, and my apartment now looks like the beginning of an in-house IHOP.

Another work in progress.


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four mushroom chowder

Life is surprising. Surprising in ways that are lovely and in ways that are tragic. Disappointing. Unexpected. Hateful. Wonderful. But it doesn’t stop for anyone, despite the circumstance.

That’s a lesson I’ve learned over the past few weeks. It’s not really a good lesson, but it’s also not a bad one. It just, is.


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